The moment cntd

Rushing like a maniac out of town to get home in time to drop nanny off at her bus, hubby called and said he had to work a little later, could I get to the shops for supper.

I then called the live-in and suggested that we take the 3 kids and go to the shop quickly – something I have never asked her to do, but the girls needed to get out of the house and I cannot do grocery shopping with a twin pram and a toddler running amok in Pick and Pay, no matter how good the staff are at Willowbridge PnP!  She then says ah, she doesn’t feel like going to the shop and I ground my teeth and kept quiet.

I then thought, bugger this, hubby can meet me at the shop screw her, so I get home and get presented with yet another shopping list.  And. I. Lost. It.

So we had ourselves a nice little chat about who eats what when and what I am prepared to buy when and what our current financial situation is.  I think the problem is our live-in, who is a little younger and quite pushy and has been with us since Aug 08.  The nanny, who has been with us for 2.5 years then tells me that live-in demands that she shares all the leftover food for lunch.  Which was not the rule to start off with, as we let her take the leftovers home to her kids as I don’t think her kids eat very well.

So, necks are now firmly wound back in, myself included, and life carries on.  If they want to hold grudges they need to find themselves jobs where they are going to be as well looked after.

Did I mention I am a little premenstrual??

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  1. mmm, so know what you are going through. I lent my live in money to go home in december (on top of a 13th cheque) and she wants me to deduct all of it over the next 2 months, which means she has R100 a week to live on. (bearing in mind she earns more than most “live OUT” domestics) Now she asks me to buy her mielie meal and meat, because she “cant afford to”. Somehow I think I am the one losing out here.

  2. oh dear, am staying FAAAR away from you when I see you until you give me the ‘PMS has gone’ sign 🙂

    Ja, that would have made me flip my lid too xx

  3. I should have read further before commenting on your last post 🙂 Although I am sure that is not how you wanted to deal with the situation, no one can blame you for losing it a little. The reality is that everyone is tightening their belts and unfortunately for one miserable soul who is not hapyp with their jobs, there are about 5 willing to replace them.

  4. no, I don’t think you’re being unreasonable. I went through 7 nannies in 8 months – eventually I had a word document that specified EXACTLY what I wanted – down to very small details. its your house, your kids – and your money. put your foot down and say no more!

  5. Aaaah, the joys of PMS!

    But seriously, these women are not playing the game! I hope your little chat will sort things out, and if not, start looking for someone else.

    I like Frog’s Mom’s idea!

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