15 reasons to go to Greyton

We went off to Greyton this past weeked with some of Etienne’s colleagues and had an awesome time.  I fell in love with Greyton.

We stayed on a farm called Oewerzicht and even the mountains felt inviting.

1.  It’s like a cross between a little bit of England and Clarens.  Without the snobbiness of Clarens.

Be prepared for a photo overkill!

Reason 2: Just look at this street.
Reason 3: View from our cottage at Oewerzicht
Reason 4: View from our shower. For real. The shower had a glass sliding door!
Reason 5: all the stuff from England you can find in the Village Store.
Reason 6: Need I say more?
Reason 7: Cows. The most good-looking cows I have seen in a long time.


Reason 8: The kids were in heaven. I was battling to balance my drink..


Reason 9: The village market on a Saturday morning. These were duck and cherry pies and the lovely lady that made them. To. Die. For.
Reason 10a: Miniature Dolls houses
Reason 10b: More Dolls houses, just check out the detail!
Reason 10c: You guessed it..
Reason 11: Post swimming chip rolls.
Reason 12: there was a piano. The kids had a ball!
Reason 13: Sunset over the mountains
Reason 14: Peace and quiet
Reason 15: Proof that the kids had a great time

And it’s closer than Hermanus!


The Chronicles of Vomit

Daniel wasn’t exactly a bundle of joy over the weekend so it came as no surprise when we got a call from the school yesterday.

Followed by Etienne collecting him and his sisters from school.

Followed by the obligatory fever medicine.

Followed by bed-time vomit on the carpet in his bedroom.

Followed by 02h00 vomit all over the bathroom.

Followed by that foul-smelling gastro poo in the same bathroom.

And this is where it gets complicated. See, in our house we have an arrangement:  Etienne does poo and I do vomit.  I don’t do poo.  I gag just thinking about poo. So when we were confronted with poo and vomit in THE SAME ROOM at 02H00 IN THE MORNING whilst we were meant to be FAST ASLEEP we were blinking at each other in the bright light of the bathroom.  And we had that moment of playing mental chicken. Until I started gagging.

Game.  Over.

ps Etienne found Isabel running around naked instead of being in the bath.  He asked what she was doing, “Pappa, ek het my vinger in my hol”. (Daddy, I have my finger up my bum) And she did.  I blame Etienne for this of course, he is forever joking about having your finger, er, you know what I mean.

pps: Isabel came haring into the kitchen last night :”Pappa! Mignon wil nie praat nie!”  This after repeated requests for them to be quiet because there was much singing coming from their room.  This is her, looking very tired as you can see:

ppps: I feel like I haven’t been writing about Mignon lately.  I just love how gentle and caring and affectionate she is.  Here is a little gallery of her and Isabel on Sunday.  She is in the blue dress, always keen for a cuddle.

Isabel looking at the camera


Looking at her sister


Lemme see your tongue?

Saturday morning

Saturday morning was one of those few Saturdays that we didn’t have to rush off anywhere, so I thought it a good time to go back to bed for a little snooze after all the kids were up and (mostly) fed.

I had just snuggled in and was drifting off after reading a couple of pages of my book when I get rudely awoken by Isabel shouting from the loo: “Paaaapppaaaa, vee my booouuuude af!!!” That girl has a set of lungs on her, let me tell you.

Doefdoefdoef Etienne comes down the passage, the rest of the circus children in tow.  At this point I could still block out the noise. I could even block out Daniel jumping on the trampoline right outside our bedroom window, but I couldn’t block out his frantic screams followed by Etienne trying very hard not to laugh hysterically.  Funny how I know his way of laughing by now.

Doefdoefdoef down the passage Daniel comes, “Mamma? MAAAMMMMAAA daar was ‘n spinnekop op die trampolien!!” (Mom, there was a spider on the trampoline!)  Apparently he was jumping on the trampoline and must have disturbed a little rain spider that must have gotten the fright of his life and dashed across the trampoline for cover.  I asked him how big the spider was:

This big Mom

Then Isabel came into the room to show me how big the spider was:

THIS big Mom

And JUST as I thought the children were simmering down, I had to deal with this little face up close:

Love me!

All this before 08h00 on a Saturday morning..

ps. Daniel is normally very into bugs etc and he had some Millepedes in a jar the other night.  The next morning through the din of the girls I vaguely hear him say he is going to put his Shongololo under the tree for the day. A minute later he is back, completely distraught and crying: Jack (the dog) ate the Shongololo!  He cried all the way to school where they thankfully distracted him very quickly.  Poor boy!

pps. Don’t you just love the word Shongololo?  It’s such an awesome word.


Dress me pretty

At the beginning of winter I bought a pile of pants and a couple of dresses, but as it turns out the girls have decided they will ONLY wear dresses.  No jeans, no tights, no tracksuit pants, ONLY dresses.  With stockings.  So, off I went to the shops.  As we are now at the end of winter those dresses are now pretty threadbare and Isabel tore the one over the weekend when we went to Green Point Park (will do a later blog post about that).  Of course, much to my dismay, it ended up back in the cupboard (still torn) and that was the ONLY dress Isabel was going to wear today. I was mentally shaking my fist at our domestic lady for putting that damn dress back in the cupboard!!!

Actually, maybe I should backtrack a little here.  Isabel didn’t get out of bed on the wrong side this morning, she woke up on the wrong side.  It was just One of Those Mornings.

But back to getting dressed… I don’t often argue about what they wear, as long as their legs and arms are covered I really am not worried about colour combinations etc.  They have all their lives to worry about that.

But this morning Isabel wanted to wear that torn dress and she wanted to wear it without stockings.  She was immovable.

To cut a long story short, we gave her her choices:  Dress with stockings or pants with socks.  She said No.  Out of sheer frustration we suggested that she would go to school in her PJ’s if she did not make a choice.  And the stubborn little Madam thought that was a great idea. So, off she went to school.  In her oldest and most revolting hand-me-down PJ’s that hang down over her butt.  Of course not the nice PJ’s.  Never the nice PJ’s.

I eventually gathered the courage to call the school to see if they managed to get her out of her PJ’s and apparently they went for a walk around the farm this morning, so she had to get dressed for that.  Bless them.

ps.  She has also moved herself to Daniel’s class with older children and is loving it.  I suspect she was bored with the equipment in her old class.

pps.  Mignon is happy as a lark by herself, I think she is loving the extra attention.  I do suspect it won’t be long until she also wants to move though.  But we will just deal with it when we get there..

The Toothfairy comes to visit

On Sunday evening Daniel comes into the lounge and shows us that one of his bottom front teeth are loose.  I had my usual mixed feelings of pride and horror whenever something monumental happens to one of our children.  (pride because they are just too cool and horror because they are no longer my babies)

Of course we asked him how long it had been loose for and he proudly tells us that his friend M (that also recently lost her first tooth) had loosened it earlier that day.  With a knife.  Which we hoped prayed knew was just a figment of his very active imagination.  As it turns out it was a plastic spoon, which is just hilarious.

We then asked him to not fiddle with the tooth, which is like switching Disney Channel on in front of a child and telling them not to watch it.  I can only imagine how much fiddling went on through the night and the next day, but needless to say I received a hysterical sms from the school on Monday:  His tooth had come out, but he had swallowed it.  Followed by another sms 5 minutes later: they found the tooth on the floor.  Accompanied by a pic of him showing off the gap in his teeth.  I called to congratulate him, but clearly he had already moved on as he was just not that interested to talk to me. Sins of the working Mother and all that.

Fast forward to home time and I arrive to find this on the kitchen counter:

We had a bit of a conundrum as we speak Afrikaans at home and everything is English at school, so there is a bit of a variation between “toothfairy” and “tandemuis” (toothmouse).  On Etienne’s suggestion we wrote them both a letter and Daniel drew a picture of a pink toothfairy wearing a green dress:




Please note that the note was written verbatim on instruction from Daniel.  We only work here to serve our children.  He went to sleep with his ‘baggie’ under his pillow and we only just remembered to leave our first down-payment to the orthodontist tooth-fairy under his pillow.

His face when he came into the kitchen this morning was just beautiful, he was SO chuffed!  We put his money in his moneybox, let’s see what he wants to buy with his 20 SA ront 🙂

Here he is, trying to show off his gap: