We are officially citrus, tomato, nut, wheat and lactose free

At great expense I might add, but worth it! 

It is amazing how much I have learnt this week:

Where to buy the cheapest soy milk (Wellness Warehouse)
Woollies is the only place I could find so far that sell soya yogurt and wheat free crackers that are not rye vita (yuk). 
That there is something called Sutherlandia (kankerbossie) that you can use for childrens’ eczema.  (And this after I have been looking for a natural rememdy for ages!)
That respiratory issues go hand in hand with eczema in children.
Fairview apprently makes the cheapest goat’s cheese

Anyone have any food suggestions that are alternatives to wheat, nuts and lactose??

6 thoughts on “We are officially citrus, tomato, nut, wheat and lactose free”

  1. Sorry, would have been able to help with a egg free recipe book. Have you tried doing a google search?

  2. Rice cakes are good.My one has hectic ezcema & all the allergies and asthma due to allergies .I got her Hopes repair cream its amazing all natural invented by Oz woman for her child,it is expensive and can’t find it in RSA but have family in Australia who sent me some look on web for it,much better than Cortizone.Good luck

  3. sjoe, what a story! just when you thought having three small kids was hard enough work! good for you for figuring it out though.


  4. Rice milk and oat milk are far nicer and more easily digested than soya. Rice cakes and oat cakes/biscuits are also good. I also use tofu as a protein with my son – because it has little flavour of its own it can be mixed with vegies or fruit. Woolies rye and sunflower seed bread is also good. There’s a wonderful natural health practitioner in Rondebosch who has good results with eczema, asthma and children.

  5. We also had to go wheat-free for a while with my oldest son, but luckily he grew out of it. He still has a hectic allergy to tree nuts, but can eat peanuts.

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