Intolerance cntd

It has been almost a week and I can already see the difference in Daniel, it is amazing!  His eczema is clearing up, his chest is clear and he is generally a lot happier.  He has taken to the soy milk no problems, but not too happy about the soy yogurt.  I’m going to print out colorful pics of “Bob Square”, stick them on the containers and see if that helps.

He even took a bite of the rye bread we presented him with over the weekend, but that didn’t go down too well – partly because it didn’t have any peanut butter on it.  Baby steps, baby steps.

At some level I knew that we had to do this, but I probably just needed that last nudge/shove.


4 thoughts on “Intolerance cntd”

  1. Good luck with the new diet for Daniel. I’m sure it helps that you can see a difference – makes it all worth it. I forgot to mention that Halaal ice cream is also lactose free (get it at health shops and some supermarkets).

  2. Well done, my allergic one also loved peanut butter it was torture in the beginning to go without

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