If there is one VERY important lesson I learnt this year it’s that there is NO time to hold on to shit.  It’s a complete waste of energy and time. 
I have learnt that all my internal noise when I worry about work and money makes me a bad listener for my family. 
I have learnt that you really do have to be “in the moment” otherwise you miss so much of your kids.  I have learnt that it’s not that much harder to have 2 babies at the same time than 1. 
I have learnt a little abandon and how to let go and have fun. 
I have learnt that my husband really is a fantastic friend.
I have learnt the importance of a sense of humor.
I have learnt gratitude for all that we receive, of a physical and spiritual nature.
But most of all this year I have learnt to really, really love.  My love for my family grows every single day!

I really try not to judge people that choose not to have children, but they don’t know what they are missing!!

3 thoughts on “360”

  1. If you tell her the truth in a respectful and constructive spirit, it should go well. It really helps to have a partner who is a true friend.

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