And now, for some horseplay

This is purely for some Sunday fun, but I’m curious: Who eats ready-made meals and how often?

Just in case you have been living under a rock here is the timeline of how the scandal unfolded of horsemeat that was found in pre-packaged meals and processed meat products.

I will be upfront and say that, as an unwritten rule, we don’t buy pre-made meals.  I completely blame Etienne for this as we often used to stand in front of the pre-made meal fridge/freezer in the shop, look at the price and then decide that we (he) could make it cheaper (and better) at home and then proceed to do so. I did buy some of those mac and cheese meal thingies from Woolworths a couple of times, but the kids refused to eat it, so we haven’t tried it since.  To us that’s like taking a R20 note, tearing it up and flushing it down the toilet, times 3.

When I became a food label Nazi because of Daniel’s food allergies it became a game to check out the crap they put in those meals and I sometimes had to restrain myself from saying something to people in shops that load their trolleys with meals for the week from the fridge and freezer.

I have now calmed down to the Zen place of “each to their own” and I don’t care what other people feed themselves or their families, so this post really is not meant to be from a bad place, I’m really just curious.  To prove this point I have made a lovely little (anonymous) poll for you to take part in of you so wish to.

What I want to know is this: Do you buy pre-made meals for your daily main meal or that of your kids, be that supper or lunch.  Simple.

And remember:  NO JUDGIES

5 thoughts on “And now, for some horseplay”

  1. Yes, for my kids. Felix probably has a Woolies kids noodle meal most days. Sigh. For myself, never. WE are slowly starting to stretch the kids’ palates.

  2. I have NEVER bought any ready/pre-made meal. Am way too cheapskate for that. We do the occasional take-away though – mostly pizza or fish and chips. Does that count?

  3. Regular Woollies pre-made meal shopper. Would love to be good enough to make home made organic meals for my family but alas am unable to. Trying not to judge myself (or feel judged)

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