Bad blogger

I’m doing a naughty lunch-time pop in.  Usually I reserve blogging for nighttime relaxation (as in a form of..), but couldn’t resist today!

First off, regarding yesterday’s post:  People of blogland, let it be known that I do not, I repeat DO NOT cater to every-one’s taste.  If hubby and I had to cook different meals for children every night we would never get done.  They are presented with their meal, usually a mix of what we know they’ll eat and something new a few times a week.  We encourage them to try, more often than not at least one of them won’t eat.  But I live in hope 🙂

Then, please don’t shoot me for posting this pic as I know it won’t ever actually happen, but I thought it was funny in a warped kinda way! 

11 thoughts on “Bad blogger”

  1. Okay I just made the whole office look at me as I burst out laughing. Poor kid, but you gotta love it when they make us feel we could actually do this. Oh and only read the sign after.

  2. I actually checked my watch when I saw you had posted – normally only see you around with the other owls. Okay, okay so now I know you don’t do five different meals. I confess I have to do four variations on a theme. Like last night was pasta with pesto for Baby K, same plus grated mozzarella for D, same as D plus chopped tomato for DH and same as Baby K with chopped tomatoes for me. Oh and it was all wheat-free dinosaur-shaped pasta – gotta love Woolies. No comment on the photo!

  3. Ek het so iets nodig met ‘n bordjie wat se: “Dispose of your naughty children here”

    Ek wonder of dit Rivan sal laat luister 🙂

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