Back to normality, whatever that is..

I know I should have blogged about days 3 and 4 of Etiennelessness, but I was far too busy Parenting our 3 evil spawn maniacs lovely children to have time.  Besides, our ADSL is still borked.  Vodacom is going to bill me with great mirth at the end of the month.

Today marks the 7th day of no ADSL at home.  Creation happened in about the same amount of time.

Anyhoo, hopefully it is sorted out by the time I get home tonight.

Friday night was fun with 1h30, 2h30 and 3h30 wake-ups (Isabel, Isabel demanding water FROM THE FRIDGE IN A CUP WITH A BLOCK OF ICE and then Mignon who came to crawl in with Isabel and myself.  This left me hugging the side of the bed whilst the 2 of them lay with open arms.

Saturday night was pretty much a rinse and repeat of the above, but on the upside we all slept until 07h30 each morning.  No hating please.

The Bathrooms at Tokara

On Saturday we went off to Tokara with my friend Sue and Daniel’s BFF.  We were a little nervous about the weather, but they have loads of indoor space, a roaring fire, heated floors and toys for the kids.  All of which was promptly ignored as the automated (glass) door on the far side of the room provided much more entertainment.  Almost as much entertainment as the bathrooms did.

Did I mention they have really nice wine at Tokara?  Oh, and free wi-fi.

Then it was off to be fed by my friend Carmen and her lovely family and we scooted home, only to find the neighbours having a party and someone had parked in our driveway. In front of my garage.  So I left my kids in the car, at night, in the dark, in the driveway, in the middle of winter and had to wait for the person to move their car.  I was NOT happy.

Yesterday morning I managed to get the 3 of them in the bath by bribing them with beads so we could mozy on down to my Mom’s house to be fed lunch there.

And then Etienne came back just after lunch.

And I went off to have a nap, in peace and quiet.

PS: Daniel swallowed a tooth during supper last night.  Not the Quasimodo tooth, another small tooth.  He insisted on paying the Tooth mouse to come and collect the tooth and was very upset when he woke up in the middle of the night to find other money next to his bed.  I give up.

PPS: I should really stop posting pics of my sleeping children on Instagram..

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