Cape Town MOB?

How does everyone feel about a Cape Town Parent24 MOB?

I was thinking either 17 April or 1 May and we can try to have it at Deer Park (I think??) like we wanted to last time?  Alternative suggestions welcome!!

Let me know what you think??

And bloggers-from-far-away, this is the best reason yet to come and visit Cape Town!!

14 thoughts on “Cape Town MOB?”

  1. Oh Tania, the idea alone has cheered me up!! What a great idea. Let me know if there is anything you want me to do. xxxx

  2. would love a bit shy tho…lol..but would love to meet all you wonderful fellow ct bloggers

  3. 1 May works for me….can’t make 17April(Little Ones Bday)Deer Park is good,depending on where we are all coming from,Ct is central for most of us.
    I was just thinking today while hanging up the washing we should get together again

  4. Would LOVE to have you and Minki here! Think Slaapstad would never be the same again after Minki, Rivan, Tristan and Tione had their way with it! 🙂

  5. Good thinking, Batgirl! Oh yes please for 1 May. Like Deblet I can’t do 17 April – it’s an adoption family meeting (only happen once a quarter). Deer Park is fab if the weather is good. BTW We’ve got a spare room if any out-of-towners want to come too.

  6. Oh I am SO in! Deer Park suits me very well. I didn’t see this before because I was on a conference on Friday and missed a few important posts.

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