Daniel turns 4

He was in his element today, he had a blast! 

From waking up and opening his gifts, to being the centre of attention at school and at home, he loved it all.  Today I realised how much he had changed in the last year!  I’m so proud that he is such a confident little man, last year he would not have enjoyed all that attention.

They have this lovely ritual at Montessori schools that I have blogged about before, but I saw it properly in action today. 

Firstly, we make a poster at home with photos of them of each year of their life.  I always enjoy making these posters as it takes you back to all those memories.

Then, they have a round little table with a card for each of the seasons and a lit candle in the middle.  Then, the birthday child walks around the table holding a globe, starting at the season they were born in, once around for every year.  After each year they stop and talk about all the things they learnt in that year that were important.  The whole class is invited to clap and sing along.  After the happy birthday he gets to blow out the candle.  I made a video clip, but am not comfortable to post it as you can see the faces of the other children. 

The song goes like this:

The world goes ’round the sun

the world goes ’round the sun

One whole year goes by and (child’s name) turns (age)

Here is Daniel holding the globe 🙂

18 thoughts on “Daniel turns 4”

  1. What a beautiful ritual! Happy Birthday, sweet Daniel! And congratulations to Mommy and Daddy for raising such a handsome, sorted little fellow.

  2. Big ups to the school for making every child feel so special on their birthday. I’m gonna steal the idea and introduce our own little birthday ceremony next year.

  3. What a lovely way to celebrate a birthday! Happy Birthday, Daniel! I see he still goes barefoot no matter the weather. lol! Do you feel comfortable posting the poster you made for Daniel? That sounds very special.

  4. Aw man! I missed Daniel’s big day! That’s what I get for keeping my nose in my work.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday Daniel 🙂 The little ritual they have sounds very very special! Definitely something to remember – glad you got it on video – and understand you not wanting to post it!
    He looks sooo grown up in the pic! Where has the last year gone? Hope you get to keep the poster – will be so nice to reflect when he’s older!

  5. LOL, he was wearing shoes and kicked them off the minutes he walked into the classroom!
    I’ll try and get a pic of the poster..

  6. Normally they all touch the poster and rip off the pictures, but hopefully now that he’s bigger they won’t!

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