Family holidays

As family holidays go this one wasn’t too bad.  My Brother and Sister-in-law built a house in Arniston last year (a magnificent one at that) and we got the nod to go and stay for a few days.

I’m always mindful of the following as things can go pearshaped very quickly…
–  not to yell at their children
–  not to flinch every time their kids demolish my kids’ toys
–  to do the dishes and clean the kitchen
–  to jump up and keep the babies quiet when they wake up at 06h00 in the morning so as not to wake the other people in the house
–  not to yell at darling dearest husband when he is smoking and drinking with his brother and generally being in lala land when I have 3 kids demanding my attention whilst trying to cook supper for A LOT of people
–  not to whine when 4 adults smoke in the house with my children around.  I really had to bite my tongue with this one as it generally is one of my pet hates.  I eventually got hubby to suggest that it was really nice outside for the smokers.  (it was actually raining at the time, this really made me laugh)
–  to remember to make the beds the minute I lift my arse in the morning, otherwise my SIL will have done it by the time I have gone for a pee.
–  that I really didn’t want to go to the beach and preferred to stay home with the sleeping babies whilst trying to pack everything up so we can chuck our stuff into the car and do the mad dash home whilst the kids have their afternoon nap.  Not.

It probably sounds like I’m complaining, I’m not really, just some thoughts.  I go into overdrive when I am not in control of my environment and sometimes tend to over-compromise when I am in someone else’s space, but hats off to my SIL, she made it quite easy for me.

It’s also amazing that you don’t have time to ponder too much on how good or bad a guest you are when you trying to keep your oldest from biting his cousin…

3 thoughts on “Family holidays”

  1. You sound like me total control Mom,must keeps surrounds sorted at all times .Almost made mistake of inviting friends to holiday with us ,well actually did and they had to cancel,just as well as it would have been a disaster 6 kids in one house I DON’T THINK SO

  2. Ja, I don’t do holidays with other people well. Husband and I are FAR too anal, plus I love my routine.

    As for the smoking around the kids thing – not cool!!!!

  3. I’m okay on holiday with others, as long as there is a lot of scope for me to be alone, even if it is while tidying up. And a neutral space is better than someone else’s house.

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