What bliss when both our Nannies arrived for work on Monday after 2 weeks of no help.  I was ill, so hubby could simply hand over the 3 little ones and was back in bed by 7h45. 

Yes, 2 nannies and no, I’m not spoilt, just working Mom to 3 kids under the age of 3 🙂

We managed ok for the most of it, but the amount of washing and cleaning to do is astounding.  And the nappies.  And feeding everyone.  And the dishes.  Thank goodness for dishwashers!

BUT, we got to spend serious time with our kids and rediscover them all over again.  They are amazing, each one of them and I love them each differently.  Last year this time I was pregnant with the girls and this is something I wondered about a lot: how could I possibly love 2 more children as much as I already loved my boy.  So, if there is something I learnt last year is our capacity to love our children, each for their own qualities.

May everyone have a wonderful 2009 and happy blogging!

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