Great start to my day

All 3 the kids have runny noses, but of the common cold variety, nothing worse.  Daniel has had a bit of a cough that he picked up from school, but also something that is being managed.

Hubby took Daniel to school this morning as I had to do the big trek to town today and shortly after he dropped him off I get THE CALL from the school.  Uhm, sorry, but he sounds chesty and his nose is running and ONE OF THE MOTHERS COMPLAINED, so please can we come fetch him.

Now, there is this woman whose child started at Daniel’s school last week and she just looks EVIL, she never bothers to greet any of the other Moms, she doesn’t even make eye contact. (she’s actually been the topic of conversation between us old-timers from last year, so the posse already has her number)

So, I dispatch my poor husband to go and face the music and collect Daniel.  He then gives the teacher a piece of his mind and notices that THIS WOMAN is there and listening to every word he is saying, she was also apparently there when he dropped D off and only left as hubby was leaving the second time with Daniel.

What pisses me off the most is that there are often other sick children at school, children with runny noses and hectic coughs, which is why Daniel is sick in the first place.  I get that kids get sick when they go to school, so I have never complained.

I have now made an appointment with our doctor for this afternoon if only to please the school. 

BUT let it be known that that woman best not EVER send her child to school with as much as a sniffle and I will A LOT to say about it – to her face.

I HATE underhanded people and waiting at the school until Daniel was collected is NOT COOL!  I am so incredibly PISSED OFF I spent the hour in the traffic crying most of the way. 

AND THEN I switch on my computer and the first email I open is the following link:
More later!

6 thoughts on “Great start to my day”

  1. Doesn’t she know that as long as the snot is clear in colour it’s not a big issue ,if my kid was sent home every time she has a snotty nose she would never leave the house as she has major allergies.Hope this miserable cow is happy!!

  2. Oh no!! I hate those types!! Hope she is happy now!! arggghhh…. I get sick when I think about this, the same happened to me at Angels previous school, one day they phoned and told me she has mumps and to come get her, she did not have fever and was hyper for a week!(Here at work!) my friend took her to the pharmacy for me, as I cannot leave work, and he did not even examine her and said yes she has mumps!(Oh by the way he is the teacher’s husband). I still believe she never had mumps!!!

  3. I hope your day improved and that the kids are all feeling better. Sounds like Mrs Grumpy Mum needs to get a life. Which normal mum has time to wait to see if someone fetches their child on her say-so!? Doesn’t she know that creche and snot have a symbiotic relationship? Hell, there’s even an immune booster marketed as Creche Guard!

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