Just some random stories

  • My first day at work was fabulous.  Lovely people, lovely company!  I am also the proud owner of no less that 6 blisters.  I haven’t worn heels for longer than an hour in MONTHS, so I took the ‘comfortable’ pair of heels with as a back-up.  By 10h00 I was wearing them and by lunchtime I was buying plasters.
  • Isabel had a croup attack on Thursday night.  She’s never ever had croup.  At 01h30 we woke up to that barking cough and 10 minutes later I was at the emergency room.  They nebbed her and I brought her home.  Round trip: an hour.
  • On Saturday morning I had my hair appointment and clothes search for a make-over shoot this coming week.  I have never spent longer than 2 hours in a salon on my hair.  Normally I run in, they plonk the stuff on and 2 hours later I’m running off.  This took 4 hours. 4 HOURS.  The result:  a lot of blonde streaks.  My first attempt at blow-drying this morning was spectacularly unsuccessful so I’m dreading tomorrow.  So far I’m going to have a possible footwear fail as well as a hair fail.
  • Tomorrow morning is the first morning we have to mobilise the kids and be out the door by 07h15.  We used to let them wake up by themselves and saunter out the door at around 08h00.  I also have to get up a LOT earlier because now I have to a. Shower, b. Dry my hair, c. Put on decent clothes and d.  Put on my face before we leave.  Should be fun. (I’m making a mental note here to keep my sense of humor in tact, I might need it in the morning)
  • We also had a live-in domestic move in today.  It’s a lovely lady by the name of Sylvia who is undaunted by noisy children, mess and dogs.  She also didn’t run screaming for the hills when she arrived late afternoon just after friends had left us after a long and rather boozy lunch.  Which entailed several bottles of wine and almost all our crockery standing in precarious piles around the kitchen.  As we walk in the door I apologise for the mess saying we had friends that have just left.  Oh, she says, were they here for the weekend?  Whilst casting an eye over all the bottles our friends had left from a tasting, all in various stages of emptiness.  ‘cringe’
  • I’m slightly nervous for the night as Mignon has now also started with a croup cough, which I thought wasn’t contagious.  But according to the Great Oracle of Google it is a contagious as the common cold.  My Mother is on standby for tomorrow..

I cast a mental eye over my life tonight and even though there are some enormous changes at the moment it’s all good stuff (except the croup).  We are very, very blessed.

Stand by for more news..

ps: yesterday we saw a long bridal stretch limo with a bridal party in it, and as it passed us it had that tell-tale little dove (Doves undertakers) on the back window.  Hilarious!

10 thoughts on “Just some random stories”

  1. Good luck for today. Hope the hair and the heels work out well. Hope the croup has stopped doing its rounds. There are some things that shouldn’t be shared! LOL at the DOve on the limo. Glad you’re liking your new job.

  2. Yah glad the first day went well.
    Lol at heels and blisters,couldn’t imagine having to wear heels,may just be a job offer turnoff for me.
    Sjoe a full time live in…blessed,very blessed!
    See you very soon,shout if I can make something,now you are full time working,us stay at homes MUST chip in!

  3. So you and I both have the croup run in an hour at ER. Amazing. And yes, I have had times when all 3 had croup in a row, but others where just one had it. SO really, I do not know about it being contagious.

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