You can’t believe..

We ended up at the Emergency room again last night!

This time Mignon had croup.  And it was much, much worse than Isabel’s.  Luckily we still had some of Isabel’s stuff to nebulise her with and some leftover medicine and if it wasn’t for that we would have had a serious problem as she was battling to breathe so much.  So I simply carted her off to the hospital as well where they nebulised her with Adrenaline to open the airways.  And she was running a 38.7 fever.

The same doctor was on duty as the night I took Isabel and she did a serious double-take so I explained it’s the identical twin this time and we had a little giggle at that.

So, just so you know: Croup can be contagious if a child has an underlying minor infection such as a cold.  Don’t say you never learn anything here.

But we now have plentiful medicine, just for in case.  Can you imagine if we arrive there with a 3rd child??

I thought I was coping very well with leaving Mignon with my Mom today until she called to tell me that Mignon keeps saying how much she misses me.  Why not just take a knife and stab me repeatedly??? (cue scary violin music from Psycho)

Had a little cry in the bathroom, sucked it up and carried on with my day with a smile on my face.

As you do.

11 thoughts on “You can’t believe..”

  1. So sorry you’ve had two trips to the emergency room. We had the same with the boys when they were littler. Touch lots of wood we haven’t had to do the hospital neb stay for a while. Hope you don’t have to do it again any time soon.

  2. Do hope that you get through today ok, your children saying they miss you is horrible, but as you say we have to get on with our day somehow.Hugs and lots of love. xx

  3. Sjoe,croup is scary stuff…hope today is better.
    Hugs for cry in bathroom…been there and done that many,way to many times.

  4. O dear! Sheesh Tania croup is scary stuff man. I am glad you taught me stuff – things we learn along the wonky path of mommy-dom huh? 🙂 *hugs*

  5. It’s one of those tough mommy days when sucking it up leads to us leaking at some part of the day, even if it is in the bathroom. At least you could recognise the symptoms quickly and get her on the neb. Hope the meds have kicked in and they are on the road to recovery.

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