Meat-free Monday and bugs

The wonderful Ishay has this amazing recipe on her blog, you should really give it a try!

Click here for the original recipe, we left out the almonds (Daniel is intolerant) and replaced with chickpeas that we roasted in the oven for 20 minutes with some olive oil, lemon juice, sesame seeds and cumin.

Not that Daniel or the girls ate any of it, but hey.

Daniel started running a fever yesterday and we ended up leaving him with my Mom today who (kicking and screaming) took him off to the Homeopath.  To cut a long story short the little man has tonsillitis and he is really not well. I haven’t seen him this unwell in a long, long time.  He hasn’t been eating or drinking much the last 2 days and if he’s not better tomorrow I think we need to re-evaluate.

Of course his sisters were completely out of bounds tonight.  I saw, for the first time ever, complete disdain for Mom and Dad and rules.

And what was the first thought I had surface through the sheer terror?

I wonder what book I can read to fix this.

True story.

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