To Play-date or not?

Daniel had his first play-date yesterday. It entailed a school friend’s Mom sending me an SMS earlier in the week and asking if our boys could have a play-date.
Up to now I can’t say I’ve ever had an actual thought process about play-dates and what the right etiquette would be.
Let me elaborate:
The Mom, Dad and child arrived and they checked that he was ok and then said they were going and would see us later. Etienne and I did a bit of a ‘huh?’ and I had about 1 000 conflicting emotions ranging from ‘maybe they don’t like me, but their son drove them nuts to play’ to ‘how brave to leave your son’ to ‘OMG, they must trust us enough to look after their sweet little boy’.
It was the weirdest thing for me, especially because I’ve never contemplated leaving any of the kids with someone else unless we know them REALLY well, there’s a crisis or they get paid to look after them. I’ve just kind of assumed the more the merrier, roll on in and let’s have fun.
It was funny when the Mom came back later as I think she picked up on our surprise and asked me about doing play-dates as she was also a ‘virgin’ (thanks C!) and we both had a nervous little chuckle about it. Hilarious!
But now I’m thinking that’s not such a bad idea and I’m really just completely anal retentive about leaving a child with someone else. (unless under the above-mentioned circumstances). I’ve kind of been stuck at the fact that I couldn’t unleash the sheer force of our brood on an unsuspecting family EVER. But suddenly I have options.
When did you send your child on their first ‘solo’ play-date? How did it go? Any tips?

9 thoughts on “To Play-date or not?”

  1. I find the whole concept completely weird too. Never understood a) why who doesn’t know me would want to leave their kid with me, or b) why they’d think I would want to socialise with them if they stayed because I don’t know them. To me, it just feels like free babysitting. My kids spend plenty of time socialising at their school aftercare, so I tend to avoid the whole playdate thing.

  2. Matti has been once or twice to his best mates house, alone. I know and trust the Mom 100%. Not sure I am ready to let it happen with other people. Parties – he has been to 1 or 2 where it was drop and go, and he was fine. Odd, but even though the break is welcome, I miss him too much haha.

    1. You want to wring their necks when they drive you nuts, but you miss them the minute they aren’t with you. What’s wrong with us??

  3. This was also the first play date for me and was a big step to arrange. After speaking to friends and family as to what should be done, I was advised that the right thing to do was to leave him there if I trusted the mom. Well, knowing Tania for a few years as a school mom I did not have any cause for concern. Let me put it this way – would you not leave your precious son with someone that can be regarded as supermom?

  4. I have only recently started letting mine play at peoples houses who I dont know well!

    I was very hesitant but it has opened up a whole new world – especially when you get them a play date on the same day!

  5. Thomas went for his first one on Friday. A classmate who lives in the same road as his school. We’ve been to their house once for the child’s party so I knew what they were like and trust them totally. Was nervous at first but now I’m like… bring it on! Playdate, anyone?

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