Monday Schmonday

At 04h50 this morning my cell phone rang.  Nanny.  Her neck is sore and she can’t lift her arm.  She’s not coming to work.  Faaaak.  And I couldn’t even really talk to her because I’ve lost my voice.  So then I laid in bed until 06h00 thinking about where to from here, considering all our options, because I think her heart isn’t in it anymore.  It is just too much absenteeism at the moment.

Then there was the mad rush to make arrangement for childcare, dropping Daniel off at school and juggling the day.  And trying to get to the GP so I could get my Mom and hubby to shut up about my missing voice already.

Then there was the sms to inform us that the doctor has “given her 3 days off”.  Damn damn damn.  More chaos.  But, as usual, my Mom came to the rescue, so between the 3 of us we’ll juggle for the next couple of days.  I understand that she’s sick, but it has such a radical impact on my children and our work, it drives me nuts.

I also tried putting them in their new beds in their new room today, which was unmitigated chaos.  They ended up giggling and jumping on the beds, so I let them play in there for about 10 minuted before I took them back to their cots.  Same story tonight.  Any advice on how to move twins to beds is welcome!!

On the way to collect Daniel this avie I had to stop at Fruit and Veg with the girls, so I put them in the trolley and they were very well-behaved (and stuffing their faces with dried fruit and juice).


5 thoughts on “Monday Schmonday”

  1. I wonder if the sore neck is related to the stress of her son? I feel for you though, we come to rely on them so much.
    Hope you get your voice back soon xxx

  2. Shame, T – that is a bit of a bother. Would also be completely lost if that ever happened to me. Love your F&V cuties!

  3. Hee hee – love the pic of the girls in the trolley! So cute 🙂

    Sounds like something else is bothering Nanny! I feel for you. I’m dreading all the ironing and cleaning I need to do during December holidays – but I’ll be off work, so will have more time to do it. It’s quite stressful trying to do all this juggling and making a plan – and even more so when it’s so close to the end of the year.

    Strength to you! And I hope your voice returns soon! I’d freak with no voice – how would I shout like a banshee at my 2 in the morning? LOL 🙂

  4. Hope you get your voice back. Have no idea how to get twins into their own beds, had enough trouble with one!!!
    Hope you manage the next couple of days ok. xx

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