Pic share and weekend stories

We went to hubby’s office kids Christmas party yesterday and the only one that got burnt was me.  Of course. 

The party was great, lots for the little ones to do and eat and very well organised.  Big thumbs up. 

No, they wouldn’t look at me.

Daniel watering the tree and holding it up 🙂

Girls messing around on the floor this morning, Mignon on the right, Isabel on the left.

I went off to the Patrick Holford talk this morning at Spier and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Best R200 I spent in ages.

Whilst I was away hubby managed to get a picture of all three our children.  Looking in the vague direction of the camera.  At the same time.  Looking happy.  I have only managed to get this right about 3 times, I go away for ONE morning and he gets it right.  Gmpf.  Nice pic though, aren’t they too cute for words??  (Mignon left, Daniel middle and Isabel right)

14 thoughts on “Pic share and weekend stories”

  1. Can’t wait to hear more about the talk 😉
    Love the photo’s. Such a special one of the girls holding each other

  2. Lovely lovely photos! Also love the Daniel pic 😀 Well done to hubby for catching all 3 at once! And also for his company kiddy Christmas party! Lovely that the company thinks of the kids 🙂

  3. Such cool pics. Even in hubby’s pic, Mignon is playing hard to get with a slightly pensive off-camera eyeline.

  4. Gorgeous pics as usual! I really wanted to go to Patrick Holford, couldn’t get a ticket. Will keep my ears open sooner next time. xx

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