The eating challenge

We often battle to get Daniel, our 2 yr and 8 mnth old boy, to eat, but decided that this was not a battle we were going to “choose”.  We prefer fighting with him about not hitting his baby sisters, not throwing things at them etc.

As a result, we opted to be consistent with eating times, trying to eat together as a family most meals and to offer him what we eat.  We also try not to push him too much, but applaud when he does eat.  He also knows that he cannot get dessert if he doesn’t eat at least some of his food, so is aware of the boundaries.  We try to stay away from too much bread and luckily he enjoys salads and fruit.

This afternoon I was making lasanga and told him all about it, he rinsed off the mushrooms for me (until the splashing in the small bowl became a little too hectic of course!), helped ladle the mince and white sauce into the dishes, helped pack the sheets, sprinkle the grated cheese over (and patting it down of course) etc etc etc.  I actually enjoyed it as much as he did and it was quite a fun thing to do with him.

We even asked him what he was having for supper beforehand and were rewarded with “lasana”.  So, when we then did sit down to supper and mister decided that he wasn’t even going to have A SINGLE bite, I was finished.  I really try not to take this personally, but sometimes I can’t help it.  I refuse to offer him other food like bread if he hasn’t even tried the food made for him.  And it’s not like we’ve never offered him lasanga. 

So, we didn’t make an issue about it, but now he has gone to bed without eating anything tonight and it breaks my heart.  We were just very firm about the fact that, because he didn’t even try his food, he cannot get anything else.  He is a real Taurus, not even saying that he can have the yogurt he asked for if he takes 2 bites of his food will sway him.  Bugger. 

Are we doing the right thing?  Or are we bad parents?

4 thoughts on “The eating challenge”

  1. You are actually a VERY GOOD parent! Wish I had your consistency with meal times. When Angel Baby does not want to eat her food, I shove a teething biscuit or a cheese curl in her little hand just to keep the peace. Will definately try harder (shame on me).

  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I think the whole food thing is a big problem for anyone with a toddler. We do the same with our daughter (2yr 4mnths). When we have supper I dish whatever we’re having for her too and we all eat together. It is up to her whether she eats it or not. And most of the time she does.

    If he was hungry he wouldn’t have been able to get to sleep. He probably had enough to eat during the day.

  3. I am way, WAY worse than you. My children do not eat, period. And unlike you, I give in, I make them sandwich. I suck.

  4. We have battled with Tristan (5) for ages to eat anything except mac & cheese or toasted sarmies. We also dish up “our” food for him, unless it’s too spicy for him. I think it’s quite funny that Connor (almost 1) will eat anything and everything put in front of him!

    Tristan used to eat everything, but not any more. Just keep trying! At least you’re consistent about it, and don’t feel bad about sending him to bed with no food. If he’s hungry, he’ll let you know! 🙂

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