Of photos being taken of your children

Over the weekend we were having supper with friends and they mentioned in passing that another friend was upset because an (older male) staff member at one of the extra-mural activities was taking photos of the children during class.

The 5 year old, mostly female children.

In a class that our girls participate in.

We then went and stalked their Company Facebook feed and found not a single picture of a child that wasn’t either older or dressed in the clothes pertaining to this extramural sporty activity.

I have emailed them, but I’m really not happy about it.

It has taken me a couple of days to process why this upsets me as my darling husband kind of rolled his eyes at me, so here goes:

1. They didn’t ask/inform us or provide us with a valid reason why anyone that is not me or my husband or someone authorised by us could take photos of our children.

2. If there are existing, unauthorised photos of my children WHERE ARE THEY, because they sure aren’t on their Company Facebook page??

3. Yes. I know I put pictures of our children on the Internet and there’s even been an enterprising soul that decided to steal a beautiful photo Caz took of us recently and use it on a Autism website in the US without permission. ¬†And yes, the Internet is a very small place.

I’m still awaiting a written reply from the company involved, so I won’t disclose who they are, but I will escalate this as far as need.

Or am I overreacting?


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  1. That is very rude. All they needed to do was send a permission slip home and exclude the kids whose parents didn’t approve pics being taken. I hope you do escalate this and name and shame if you have to xx

  2. I don’t think you are overreacting. I think what they have done is out of order and that you should have been asked if the pictures could be taken.

  3. For one of the extra-murals at creche we recently received a letter stating that they were updating their website with photos and youtube channel with videos and that they wanted 1 specific class to be part of that. We had to sign a permission slip if they were allowed to take photos/videos of your child, and the permission was given for that one day.

  4. We are also often asked permission but that being said, at the school itself it is a condition that they can take photos and use on the school’s website and Facebook page. It would be near impossible at big events to try and sort out who has permission or not so they do a general thing.

    As to the ballet, there is a photographer at concerts etc as parents can not take pictures as no one ever listens to the no flash rule, but his is stated will not be used anywhere but on a DVD that we can buy

  5. I think what would worry me most is that he supposedly was taking photos for his company, but you can find not trace of them. Obvious fear is that he was taking them for another purpose. Keep pushing until you get an answer plus apology.

  6. I don’t think you are overreacting at all. If YOU decide to post pics of your children that is your business but no one else has the right to take, copy or distribute pics of your children.
    Take it as far as it needs to go to get a satisfactory answer.

  7. No, I would feel the same. Find out what happened and let us know. Your first instinct is usually correct!

  8. Not at all!!!! When Popi comes in early next year in SA the laws are going to be highly strict around child protection. It will change everything around how we share and who takes pic of our kids.

    They r your kids … Protect them as you see fit!!!


  9. NOBODY gets to take photos of your children without your consent and knowledge. Moreover, the express purpose of those images must be made known to you.

    Have they replied yet? I’m in the right mood to go boskak on someone.

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