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First off:  I wasn’t pissed off with Daniel’s teacher at all yesterday, she is wonderful and we understand each other very well.  I was the one who felt like acting like a 3 year old 🙂

He has all of a sudden discovered teddy bears and is now obsessed with this teddy he was given when he was born:

Then, on the way to his school this morning I took this pic.  I love, love, love that I take this road every day and that he is in a school on a fully functioning farm:

I cannot wait for tomorrow, I REALLY need this weekend, feel like I haven’t seen my girls at all this week!

10 thoughts on “Pic share”

  1. There is nothing prettier to me than when my kiddies eyes are closed. Their innocence is so apparent. Daniel is gorgeous. Oh and my son has the same duvet set. Enjoy the weekend!!

  2. Glad there were no bad thoughts towards the teacher then!
    Such a cute piccie of Daniel with the teddy!

  3. We are very lucky to live in the part of the world hey!
    Daniel looks so peaceful there. Enjoy the weekend with your lovely children. xxxx

  4. I see he is a McQueen fan too :). Everything of my boy is in the McQueen theme, I mean EVERYTHING!!!

    Daniel looks so peaceful all cuddled up against his Teddy.

    Nice view. Wish we could have it here!

  5. What a great view to see every day! I see mostly industrial site 🙁
    Daniel looks so peaceful – they do this to make us forget how mad we’ve been with them 🙂 Well, my 2 anyway.

    Have a restful family time weekend 🙂

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