Retailers mess with our minds

When Daniel was born we only used Pampers and paid about R120 per pack of nappies (jumbo pack).  I remember thinking at the time jeez, that is a lot of money for nappies.

When the girls arrived we put them on Cuddlers during the day and Pampers at night as we had 3 kids in nappies and it was just way too expensive.

This means that I don’t often buy Pampers, but I have been watching the price go up and up and up.  And they are clever.  They will push the price up by about R20.00 per pack for a week and then have “a special” the following week at the same price as before.

So, the next time they just put the price back up to the higher price as consumers have been desensitized to the price. 

It really pisses me off that THE SAME thing that was R120 almost 3 years ago is now R212 at Pick and Pay.  What’s up with that??

6 thoughts on “Retailers mess with our minds”

  1. I hear you! It’s totally mad. Thank goodness Miss E is 90% potty trained now, I don’t understand how something can go up almost 100% in such a short time.

  2. Stem saam, net jammer ek hou van Pampers en Huggies gold. Ek voel dat ek nou maar swaar sluk en betaal, so lank as wat die produk goed bly.

    Huggies is net totaal en al belaglik met hulle pryse.

    Ek het met Rivan begin deur ± R1.35 per doek te betaal en met die tweeling het ek nog hier en daar ‘n spesial gekry vir onder R2.00 per doek. Deesdae is ek gelukkig as ek ‘n prys van onder R3.00 per doek kan raakloop!

  3. Tell me about it! We are spending a fortune! I have been looking into these modern cloth nappies which are initially expensive, but in the end you save R8000-R12000 depending how many children you have.

  4. I am busy doing all the research and math at the moment – seriously considering those re-usable nappies that look like disposables but aren’t (steggi, mother nature, bio baba etc) but still thinking of using disposables for the first month or so – til I get to grips with having a baby!! Then switching over.

  5. Don’t get me started on the nappy price war! I’ve got Connor on (plain) Huggies. The jumbo pack seems to go up by between R10-R20 a MONTH! And now I’ve noticed they reduced the number of nappies in the size 4 Jumbo pack. Used to be 70, now (after a R15 increase in price at Baby City) there’s only 68. WTF?

    (I could go on forever, but I’ll stop now -= sure you’re all bored enough) LOL!

  6. Absolute madness, my son still uses Huggies pullups (sleeps a full 12 hours and doesnt wake up to pee) and they have gone up from R112 last year, to R160 this week. Madness!! For 32 pullups??? Works out to exactly R5 each!!

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