Slave labour

This will have to be a quicky, busy day tomorrow!

It’s Daniel’s party on Saturday and as usual I have more ideas than time. In other words my poor Mom is making a whole lot of stuff for the party. But there’s little time left, so I have arranged for Etienne’s folks to help. In other words, I have arranged for cheap labour to help make my son’s party a success.

They will congregate at my house tomorrow where they don’t have to worry about cleaning up and there is tea on tap. Don’t worry, they will be fed!

Ps: the girls are under the weather with some stomach/ fever thing. They must buckle up and get better, we have a party to throw on Saturday!!

2 thoughts on “Slave labour”

    1. What kind of support do you have? Is your nanny back yet?
      I’m very lucky, we haven’t used our support network too much until now that I started working full-time again. Scary.

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