So much to say

I don’t even know where to start.

Saturday was Daniel’s 5th birthday party and it went really, really well!

It was a fishing theme party after much debate and a little a lot of resistance from Daniel, but I’m glad I stuck to my guns.  I was torn between that and indulging him in the pink mermaid party but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it in the end.  I’m such a wuss.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

The table. Check out the littlest cupcakes, loved how they came out
The cake. I have mixed feelings about how it came out.


Daniel blowing out the candles






Each child had a fish cookie with their name on




Daniel very busy with sand art




As usual posing together was NOT an option. This is the closest we got to all of them together and almost the only pic where Isabel is smiling





Daniel 'catching' fish. My Mom made about 80 of these and each child got 3 and a fishing rod to take home. Absolutely loved them!






I’m also very worried about Isabel at the moment.

She’s had the squirts since Wednesday, which means that today was Day 6 of very little food and fluids and a lot of running to the loo.  I did take her to the doctor yesterday afternoon and he gave her some meds, but she was still not well today.

So I called the paed’s office this afternoon and they suggested a stool sample (which I made my Mom do).  Now we have to wait for the results.  But the paed is not happy.  We’ll see how the night goes and pop into his office tomorrow.  He was saying words like ‘hospital’ and ‘dysentery’.  These words do not please me.

I’m off to bed now, it’s been a long few days!


12 thoughts on “So much to say”

  1.  Hospital and Dysentery – crappy words. Hope you all have a good night’s sleep and Isabel is feeling better soon.  Amazing party by the way – great photos.

  2. Dysentery! Seriously? I didn’t realise that was still around. Poor bean.  I hope the meds help her and she bounces back.  Party pics look awesome. Your mum’s fish are darling! 

  3. Awesome party photos!!
    Poor little Isabel, I do hope that it is not as serious as he suspects. Please keep us informed. Lots of hugs. xx

  4. Having a moment of jealousy over your perfect schoolteacher handwriting, you sure you weren’t one of us in a previous life?!?!

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