Some children’s parents

I was dropping off the girls this morning and there’s this really aggressive little boy that started recently.  He must be about 2 and enjoys pushing all the children and take whatever they are playing with.  A real bully in the making.  Definitely worse than you average 2 year old.

I have been watching him and when he started in on Isabel this morning I asked the teacher if he is like that the whole time.  She said pretty much and he enjoys ‘decking’ everyone.  Which made me realise that his Dad probably plays like that with him, but it gets lost in translations as it were. 

So we ended up having a conversation about how they can see the parents and their parenting style in the children.  And I remembered, when Daniel first started he came home shortly after pointing his finger and saying (very loudly) NO!  Not something he got from us at all.

So then of course I start wondering what our kids do at school and the message it sends about the parents that we are.  Because God forbid anyone sees when we I yell or threaten. Hubby is the forever patient saint who never raises his voice.  I, on the other hand am the screaming bitch banshee.  The Enforcer. 

So now I just hope that my delivery doesn’t scare the living crap out of the other kids in their school.

I hope they hug other kids like they do each other at home (not too often of course, that would be creepy).

I hope they are as sweet when they ask for something and please and thank you like we try to teach them.

And lastly, I hope they share nicely with the other children and don’t yell things like “Klim uit die bad!” and “Klim uit die kar!” and “Mamma tel net tot 3!”

What things do you think your kids do at school that mimicks your parenting style?

11 thoughts on “Some children’s parents”

  1. Whew…this is a horrid one cos it speaks directly to what I do wrong. I SHOUT too much…I raise my voice too easily. And I do see that in my kids…and it hurts. Gotsta gotsta keep my temper in check! always.

  2. Oh, Minki definitely yells “Stop dit! NOU!!” to everybody, even her Dad. Of course with the appropriate pointed finger….

  3. Apparently D puts his hands on his hips and shakes his head and says “Hayibo Wena!” when other children are doing something they shouldn’t. I can’t imagine where he gets that from … (she says, looking sheepish)

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