Gratitude, Day 10

We had a kiddie party to attend at 13h00 today. Normally I try to avoid parties between 13h00 and 15h00 as it is the girls’ sleep-time. I am ridiculously anal about their sleep time. Also, it meant I had to collect them all 2 hours earlier. Which, in principle, is great, but have you tried to control 2 very tired toddlers? Not for the fainthearted!

So, off to the party we went, my 3 children being herded through the shopping mall games section (what is it with those places??) and arrived in true loud fashion at a pizza parlour. The idea of a kiddie party at a pizza restaurant is great, but the execution was a little disorganised. Or maybe it was me that was disorganised. The kids made their own pizza’s and were given ice cream on sticks for dessert. Something they never get at home due to all the allergies that live here. Which meant that they each walked around with ice cream dripping all over the show, until I intervened and confiscated them. I only ate one of them. For that I am grateful.

We then had to dash off to buy a baby-shower gift and I was downright nervous. It didn’t help that none of them wanted to climb into a trolley. In Pick and Pay the looks of horror were aimed at me today as I think I sounded slightly hysterical, like a defeated Mom.

Toward the end of the trip they discovered a strip of NikNaks. Another thing that does not darken the doorstep of our house normally, but I needed a window of opportunity to finish my shopping and felt that I could put my principles aside for this. Of course I made them all get into the trolley before I would give them any, and just as I opened a packet for Daniel and Isabel each, Mignon decides she needs the loo. So, off we went, me trying not to bang my head against a wall. (at this point I should add that Daniel said “God, help me”. But only because he was copying me)  Mignon was quick. I am very grateful for that J

The last thing I am very grateful for today is that my husband came home a little earlier than usual. He found me hiding at the washing line and his children jumping happily on the trampoline. And he has just poured me wine. Bless him. He can stay.

9 thoughts on “Gratitude, Day 10”

  1. hahahaha O Tanya! These blog posts will be made into a book, no, scratch that, a feature film 🙂 I don’t think there is a Mom alive who cannot identify with what you went through. [except for 1 or 2 women *cough* cows *cough* in the parking lot at Matti’s school 😛

  2. LOL! Glad to see that despite everything you’ve retained your sense of humour and your gratitude. Shopping with children is not for the faint-hearted!

  3. LOL 😀
    I forgot all about the toilet training child needing to go to the loo while I’m standing in the 20-minute long queue in Woolies. For this, I am grateful I haven’t done toilet training yet 😀

    I also hide from the kids at home!

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