Gratitude Day 13

Herewith my Gratitude list for today, can’t believe we are almost halfway through the month!

1.  A friend and I were having coffee this morning and sharing funny stories about being Coloured and being White and everything in-between. She is married to a White guy and my cousin is married to a Coloured guy and we were having a good laugh about how our older folk perceive our relationships and friendships in this country. And we were sharing war stories about how our respective families have embarrassed themselves. I am really grateful that I am here now and that I’m not 80 and battling to understand this. And I’m grateful that I don’t have to apologise for my choice of friends like I would have had to 20 years ago. My life would be very empty!

2.  Daniel was chatting to DH in the bath last night and mentioned a child at school that upset him. The thing with him is that he doesn’t talk about emotions often, so when he says something like that we generally sit up and listen. I’ve never had to deal with anything like this and in the bigger scheme of things I don’t want to seem like the over-protective-terribly-hysterical-Mother-from-hell. But I couldn’t just leave it either, I knew we had to say something. So I chatted to his teachers this morning and they were really good about it. And they validated my feelings and really listened. I am grateful we chose a school where the staff really cares and our kids are very well taken care of.  And I understand that we can’t protect our children against the playground bullies, but hopefully we can give them the tools to put those bullies firmly in their place.

3.  It would seem the snots are upon us and Isabel has a nasty little cough she developed during the day. I’m sitting here half watching TV and half listing to hear if she’s ok. Funny how they always stay your babies in some way. I’m grateful that, if need be, I can keep her home with me tomorrow and just be a Mom. I don’t know for how much longer, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts!

Ps, please vote?  A big bone-crushing-bear-hug thank you!

13 thoughts on “Gratitude Day 13”

  1. hugs accepted 😉

    It’s a tough one when our kids are bullied. Breaks my heart sometimes when I hear how cruel some of the kids are but as you say, the best we can do for them is give the tools they need to deal with it. Oh and lots of hugs when their little hearts get broken too.

  2. Shame man poor little guy. It’s so reassuring when the teachers LISTEN to you!
    Ugh the snots must go away. Tired of all the babas being so sicky man 🙁 Wishing you strength!!!

    Thanks for the hugs 🙂

  3. Glad the school actually listens to you and will do something to remedy the situation! I got so frustrated complaining about bullies and nothing ever got done 🙁
    Sorry to hear about the snots! Hope she’s feeling oodles better today! Mommy hugs are the best 🙂

  4. Hope the snots pass soon.
    You are right that we are lucky to live in this age……all that anti…..would have been so different

  5. When bullies come on the scene, the big fierce mummy tiger protection instinct kicks in big time! Hope the snots are vanquished quickly (the sickness and the bullies).

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