Long weekend stories

We had quite a weekend.  (I’m wabbing now, but need to get my “fix”)

Firstly, we found out on Saturday our Nanny’s boy has swine flu.  I spoke to her tonight and she says he is not eating, only sleeping, so is taking him back to the doctor tomorrow.  I have been concerned about this stupid flu hitting Kyalitsha.  I hope people are taking care.  It is of course creating complete havoc at home as between hubby and myself we now have to juggle jobs and kids.  MIL is ill and I’m just too pissed at my Mom right now to even ask for help. (more detail later)

We had friends over for lunch yesterday and had great fun drinking bubbles in the sun and eating far too much.  We had a couple of chickens in the Weber, salads and I made a pavlova for dessert I was mighty proud of. (cooking not really being my forte and all..)

After the big clean-up we finally collapsed in front of the TV and was just about to drag ourselves off to bed when Daniel started coughing.  A croup cough.  He hasn’t had an attack in ages, but it wasn’t fun.  We nebbed him, but realised that he would have to go to hospital as his chest was just too closed up.  So, I left hubby with the girls and dragged my boy off to the hospital at midnight.  I’ll keep the hospital bit short, but basically, I had quite a shock seeing how many feverish people were in the waiting room.  Thankfully Daniel had a really bad coughing fit and we were ushered straight through.  There we ended up with a GP from hell who probably thought I was the biggest wise-ass mom EVER.  Whatever.  We then got home at around 01h00 and actually had quite a good night from there after we managed to get Daniel to sleep after the adrenaline neb.

We then had friends over for a late breakfast this morning.  We are very fond of these friends, but they live quite a drive away from us and also have small children, so we don’t get to see them often.  So we talk in shorthand when we do get together.  The Mom is a Radiologist and I called her when my Mom had her cancer scare recently to explain some of the terminology.  Which, in retrospect was a big mistake. 

My Mom got wind of the fact that these friends were coming over and asked me to give her the sonar and MRI scans for a second opinion.  I said No, as I think it is rude to impose on a friend like this and to rather pay for a second opinion.  My Mom offered to look after Daniel for an hour this avie and arrived just as these friends were leaving.  She then IN FRONT OF MY FRIEND asks me if she can ask my friend “a question”.  I couldn’t believe it!  I just said, No, you can’t ask her, staring daggers at her.  Luckily the friend was quite tactful and didn’t say anything until my Mom left.  All I said was that I wanted her to stop dying and start living.  The worst is I don’t think she even realises how pissed off I am as she called later to “chat’  Urrgghh.

We somehow managed to do 3 loads of washing and tumble drying today through all the choas.  Not that anything is going to get ironed in a hurry 

10 thoughts on “Long weekend stories”

  1. SOrry to hear of all the drama this weekend, I am glad you had a good day on sunday except for the croup. My son woke up at 4am yesterday morning with the croup cough too, but went back to sleep, and when we woke up at 8 the croup cough was gone, weird. I think he has maybe outgrown the croup. How is Daniel now?

  2. Hope Daniel is on the mend. I hate that bloody croup. When I hear that cough I get seriously annoyed. Joel was hospitalized for that twice in 2008 and also the beginning of the year. TOuch wood we are so done with that Croup.

  3. It’s the weirdest thing, it turns out he has a chest infection. There are some very stange bugs around this year.

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