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The girls will be 2 on 12 March so it is time to plan the festivities.

Seeing how they are in school now we’ll invite some of the kids in their class (do I have to invite all of them??).  The thing is, a lot of the kids have older siblings in class with Daniel, so that is automatically another few children.  I shudder to think how many children and adults in total when I add family and other friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a “the more the merrier” type.  I love the chaos of a party at my house.  But I need to get my head around the logistics of this one as money is really, really tight at the moment.

Theme: I’m thinking polka dots or flowers or butterflies – any thoughts or suggestions?  I can just go to Merripak and get paper boxes as usual and do my own party packs, so any of the above themes could work quite easily.

Cake: I need to decide: 2 cakes or 1.  Last year 1 cake was fine, but in my obsessiveness to be fair I know I’m probably going to completely overcompensate and overspend as usual.

Entertainment/Venue:  We are lucky enough to have a nice big garden, but if it’s going to be so many people I’m not sure it will work.  Anyone have any ideas?  A school friend of Daniel’s is having his party at Altydgedacht, and apparently you can do your own catering??  A friend has a jumping castle business, so she normally rents out at a “friend rate” and I can probably get face painters again??

Horror of all horrors, from the depth of the couch I have just heard hubby mumble the words “low” and “budget” in one sentence.  The man clearly has no idea.

‘runs off to get the Rescue Remedy’

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  1. You braver than I and I def take my hat off to you.
    I like butterflies so pretty. Oi I wish u all the luck and my party ideas is very limited. Moral cyber support? 🙂

  2. Polka dots are such fun and Merrypak has lovely polka dot boxes. Check on the school’s policy about birthday invites. At D’s school if you wanted to use the school “post” system you had to invite the whole class but if you only wanted to ask a few individuals then you had to do it “privately”. It was so the univited didn’t feel left out – they are only two after all. Keep it bright and simple – a jumping castle, balloons and some bowls of fruit and popcorn. AS for the cakes, I think you need to make two – the same design but in different colours. Isn’t one always pink and the other one another colour? I seem to remember from your lunch box and clothes posts. Good luck! You’re either very brave or a complete nutter!

  3. Oh, my! You are way ahead of me! Shaun will be 3 on the 15th of March and we haven’t discuss it yet! Oi!

    Good luck! And enjoy the prep work!

  4. You absolutely DON’T have to invite all the kidlets in the class. Experience has taught me that a lot of parents won’t even bother to respond and of those that do a lot won’t bother to pitch. Invite friends only and if parents say “can I bring big/little sibling” only say yes if your older girl knows said sibling. Too much is expected of these parties these days . . . its time us folk-of-less-money put our foot down. 🙂

  5. Polka dots for the win! Get people to bring stuff to keep the budget down. Instead of forking out for face painting etc, play old fashioned games like treasure hunt.

  6. Little One went to a party at Altydgedacht,it was very crowded as you are in a corner on the stoep and the restuarant is still running as normal.
    Home is easier if it’s kids.You don’t have to invite whole class.Two cakes will be sweet especially as you can make two smaller polka dots ones(use white choc discs)You do know there is a place in Brackenfell,just over Cape gate bridge that has all cake and party goodies,also make those printed icing sheets you can put ontop of the cakes

  7. Home is best for a 2yr old party. Don’t bother with party packs at that age – most parents dont want more sweets to take home – just put out a sweetie table. Have a craft table to make a polka dot paper bag party packet and they can fill it up themselves from the sweetie table and eat from it during the party. March is still warm enough for water activities – consider something like that. I always invited everyone because at least half didnt bother to reply much less come.

  8. Just ask the teacher who they hang out most and invite those kids. Home is def the best venue if you have the space. And I vote polka dots!!! Love polka dots. See you on the other side of all this madness. So glad I have a nice long year before the next birthday. Still recovering on all fronts.

  9. Polka dots for sure! I saw the cutest polka dot dresses at Ackerman’s Baby, you should dress them in something like that, to fit the theme.

    They would have way more fun at their own home.

  10. I definitely think polka dots.
    If it were me I wouldn’t actually include the school kids as yet. They’ve only just started there so I would maybe include the school kids for their next birthday party. I would just send some cupcakes and juice or even ice cream to school for the kids on the day and I would have a party at home with family and friends. Party venues not always cheap but definitely convenient as you don’t need to do all that cleaning up afterwards. And definitely 2 cakes.
    Best you start stocking up on Rescue cos I think you are going to need lots for this one..xx

  11. Took a drive there this avie, think I’ll give it a miss.. What is that place in Brackenfell called? I went theree once long ago, normally go to the baking tin in bellville

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