Weekend Installment 2 – The Party

The party actually went very well!

We had the face painters and I had packed little boxes of crayons in the party packs and had printed Lion King pictures for the kids to colour in.

My neighbour Adele came over and helped me with the cake on Friday night, and I am very chuffed with it!

Here is Daniel and his mate A with their Lion King party packs.

The house was trashed, but all the kids had loads of fun and I ended up feeding the parents soup.  There were 20 adults and 16 kids all in all.  It rained cats and dogs, but the sun came out halfway through for about 15 minutes and everyone was outside for those few minutes, it was great!

15 thoughts on “Weekend Installment 2 – The Party”

  1. The party looks great and as for that cake, well it is lovely.
    Glad it all worked out for you. x

  2. Wow! The cake looks great!! Glad everything went well, sick kids and all! Pity about the weather, but very glad you survived 🙂 Well done!!

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