I was having a wonderful day until about 3pm this avie when the nanny called to say that Mignon can’t walk.  I thought, huh, what on earth are you talking about.  And then she said that Mignon’s left leg is lame.  She was fine before she went down for her afternoon nap and no, she didn’t fall at all today.

So I got in my car and did a longish journey in a rather short time whilst trying not to panic, speaking to the Pead’s office, my mother and desperately trying to reach my husband on the last bar of my phone which is always, always charged, just not today.

I arrived home and Mignon, even though she can stand, was unable to put any weight on her left leg.  I have no words to explain what I felt.  Fear, terror, I don’t know.

So, off we went to the doctor.  He sent her for a sonar, which didn’t shed any light on her problem.  She doesn’t have a fever, she is in high spirits, she’s not in any pain.  Her hip bones are fine, her knees are fine, her feet and ankles are fine.

So, we have given her an anti-inflammatory for tonight and tomorrow morning so hopefully it will be ok.  He said a lot of big words and then some and suggested ‘irritable hip”, which apparently is quite common.  But he was puzzled.  If she is not better in the morning, he will send her for a battery of blood tests and to a Pediatric Orthopedic surgeon for an opinion.

As far as Mignon is concerned, she is ok, but getting annoyed by not being able to run around like her sister. 

I was meant to go to a very important client presentation tomorrow.  That seems like a whole different life right now.

Will keep you posted.

12 thoughts on “Scared”

  1. oh gosh! will be thinking of you, hope the irritation is gone tomorrow and she’s back to her normal self… you must be going through hell at the moment!


  2. i had something very similar when I was about 6 – they couldn’t figure it out either and it passed just as quickly as it came. Had to be pushed around in a push chair for a few days . I know its easy to say don’t worry, and i know you will worry, but it will be ok 🙂

    Good luck with the presentation!

  3. Sherbet! Very scary stuff, but everything will be OK.

    I got home one day and Minki couldn’t walk, just sitting there, not even standing. Also rushed to the Doc, and he found a THORN in her foot.

    Just to show, not everything is always as serious as we imagine.

    Good luck.

  4. Shame man. I’m glad she’s not freaked out though. Hopefully all will be revealed soon. Maybe it’s a pinched nerve?

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