I was checking something on my phone earlier today whilst driving and Daniel says: ‘Watcha Tweeting Mamma’. I wasn’t sure what he was asking so I asked him to repeat himself. So he says: ‘Wat het wheat in Mamma?’ Snort. And yes, I was tweeting at the time. And yes, we have been trying to teach him about wheat because of the effect it has on him.

I had such a giggle at Isabel earlier, she was watching some Barney episode and had all the moves down pat. I’ll try to get a video clip of it. Classic!

Mignon is still not well, but better than Isabel was this time yesterday, hope she’s ok in the morning to go to school!

In other news, Daniel didn’t fall asleep in my arms during our marathon reading session tonight as he does every night, as I have feared and dreaded will happen for ages. So, as usual, I was bad cop and said that we were done reading our 3 books for the night and that I was not lying with him anymore. So, I left him in his room and went to the kitchen. Where I got glares from hubby. And much rolling of eyes from me. And pointing in the general direction of his room with questions in his eyes. Because we didn’t have a plan for this. We ALWAYS have a plan.

Eventually hubby collected him from the passage, put him in his room, light on, with his books and we haven’t heard from him again.

And we found him like this:


The teddy wasn’t there when I left him and that fugly 101 Dalmatians sleeping bag is a fixture. Thanks Granny.

17 thoughts on “Stories”

  1. Sorry to hear about the girls but glad they are on the mend.

    Sleep training at 4 – I remember that. We’ve had some other episodes since too. Comes and goes.

  2. Hope M is much better today! I have Connor hacking like a dog – and still think it’s his throat. At least he let me spray some Andolex in there this morning!

    Love the pic of D – he really reminds me of Tristan in this pic! Tristan will get into bed right way round, and I go back and he has all the teddies piled on top of him, his ancient Winnie the Pooh blanket over him, and turned the wrong way round in the bed.

    We’re also having sleep issues again – with Tristan! As Cams says – it comes and goes!

  3. Sleep training doesn’t seem to ever end!!! I am having issues with Jess again at the moment. p.s. I love the Teddy. Jess has 10 in the bed at the moment. xx

  4. If it was me, I would FREAK OUT when waking in the middle of the night, turn around and find a giant teddy in my bed (oh wait, I DO have a giant bear in my bed….)

    Sweet pic.

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