The obligatory Pox pic

Here we go, taken in the bath last night:

Ouch.  Much worse than last time. 

Last night was also the first night we were determined to keep the girls in their beds in their new room and it was rather chaotic.  Hubby was reading to Daniel and I was on twin duty.  So, we went through the whole routine of bottle, dummy and “lappie” and closed the door.  10 minutes and the crying started.  When I went to investigate I smelt someone had a poo nappy and I refuse to leave one unattended in a room, so I let them both out whilst changing Mignon’s nappy.  So Isabel ran off.  Put Mignon in the room, find Isabel.  Mignon ran away.  After much running of laps and giggling of girls I finally managed to round them up and put them back in their room where they were playing up a storm for ages and when we went to see what happened after it got quiet we couldn’t open the door as they were sleeping on the floor in front of the door. 

The little buggers of course woke up at 5h00 this morning, so we put them back in their cots with a bottle each to see if they would sleep a little longer, which they did for all of about 20 minutes.  Luckily Saturdays are my sleep-in morning so hubby took care of them and Daniel slept until 09h00 – the latest he’s EVER slept.  I think he needed to rest a little more to get over the pox.  Poor boy.

Here is a pic hubby took the girls this morning:

Mignon left, Isabel left, check the naughty smiles and bed head!

15 thoughts on “The obligatory Pox pic”

  1. Wow! Daniel has it bad – I’m counting my blessings right now that Tristan has a very mild case! Twins are looking like little cutie-pies (as always) 🙂

  2. Poor little Daniel, I got itchy just looking at the photo.
    Those girls are the cutest little ones! xx

  3. your girls are adorable with their mischievous grins 🙂 poor little daniel … hope he gets well soon …

  4. Ag poor Daniel, I hope the itching stopped, Allejex syrup works for the itching! And don’t these two angels look upto mischief!!!

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