To judge or not to judge, that is the question

I was all fired up to write a very scathing post about inauthentic people with double standards today, but then I started thinking about 2 incidents that happened recently with the kids.

The girls and I were at a mall when we were on holiday when they saw a woman who was a dwarf. They did the whole pointing and staring thing and LOUDLY proclaimed how ugly she was. I fervently wished that the earth would swallow me. There was also no escape as it was in the parking lot and, as you know, our children are not known for their inside voices. So, not only did her party hear, but also everyone in the greater Vredenburg area. Charming.

Lucky for me they were lovely people that just laughed when they saw my red face. We then had the conversation about people that might look different on the outside, but that are extra special because Jesus made them differently. And how it was rude to point and stare.

Today Daniel and I were at the shops and as we walk out we pass a woman with no legs or arms in a wheelchair. Right on cue Daniel stares, points and proclaims her to be ugly. Rinse and repeat the cringing, blushing and speech.

Tonight we sat them down and explained to them all again how rude it is to point and stare. That everyone was made differently and that people that look different are not ugly in any way whatsoever. They are just different and very special (in a good way). And because you don’t know them you can’t say they are ugly. Ever.

A little bit of me wonders if I did something at some point, maybe judged someone just on appearance and the kids picked up on it. Or if they are just being children.

And human.

We all judge, whether we like it or not.

If I seem a bit cranky I apologise, but I’m sick in bed with bronchitis on the 4th day of the year and I’m not pleased. Besides, several people have been real assholes to people I care about recently.

So there.

3 thoughts on “To judge or not to judge, that is the question”

  1. They are just being kids. And you handled it PERFECTLY by sitting them down. Would have loved to see you tonight. Get better. OK?

  2. Ah, Tania-we have all had these moments. Kids are kids,We r a family that tries to teach our kids that people r different,some big,some small,some with special needs. Just keep telling them Jesus loves us all and that it’s not what u look like, but how u r inside.

  3. My kids still do this every now and then even though they know it’s not right – they are kids still learning their impulse control – as adults, we may think “oh that makes her look fat”, but we don’t point, stare and announce it to the world – its what happens when we grow up – we judge silently 🙂

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