Proudly OCD

I don’t see myself as hugely OCD, even though I know I tend to over analyse (often), but I am a master list-maker when required to be so. Strangely enough I don’t make prolific lists of the day-to-day stuff, but going on holiday brings out the list freak in me.

So much so that I’m about to open a Dropbox account for Etienne so that we can easily share lists. Yup. I’m that bad. He rolled his eyes, but darling Tertia completely gets me

I have a list of ‘things to buy last-minute’, a medicine list, a menu list (we will be gone for 11 days and I do not want to spend my days in the shops), a ‘sauces to make and take’ list, a ‘music to download’ list, a playlist, a ‘clothing to pack’ list, a ‘random stuff to take’ list, and a ‘stuff to take from home’ list. No, the last 2 lists are not the same thing at all, the random list is like beach towels etc and the stuff list is stuff like mustard powder.

At least with my trusty iPad I now have complete access to all the recipes I could possibly dream of, lucky girl I am.

Now just to work those last 4 days and then we can head off to the beach.

How do you prepare for holidays? Are you also a list-maker?

4 thoughts on “Proudly OCD”

  1. Oh gosh, I LOVE lists and I could not possibly survive in a world without lists!
    That is the ONLY way to prepare for anything, let alone holidays. Mmm…maybe I should explore the dropbox thing?

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