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Our Nanny had to send her eldest son back to the Eastern Cape in January as his school had CANCELLED 2 of his subjects in his Matric year without notifying the parents.  And tried to force him to take 2 brand new subjects in his Matric year. 

Yesterday we get a call from her aunt saying the son has been suspended from his school and Nanny had to go to the EC to speak to the Principal otherwise he wouldn’t be allowed to write his exams.  

So I Googled the school, but according to the Department of Education website they have no land line number.  Phoned 1023, no number listed.  In the end we called the Tourism Bureau (yes, believe it!) and the lady there managed to give us the Principal’s cell phone number.

He maintained that he will not allow her son to write his Matric exams if Nanny doesn’t present herself TO THE SCHOOL tomorrow morning. (Apparently the son arrived drunk at school with some of his friends.)

I then called the number last night to try and talk to him, but he put the phone down on me.  Twice.

Part of me wants to think it is reasonable to expect the parent to present themself if their child is in trouble, but I mostly think that this man is on a massive, massive power trip.  This is going to cost nanny a days’ income (she doesn’t want to compromise her leave days for December), a return bus ticket and time away from her other 2 boys. 

There is something fundamentally wrong with the Education system in this country.

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  1. am shocked shocked and shocked!
    How can they cancel matric subjects?
    How can they not have a landline?
    How dare he put the phone down when you are trying to assist?

  2. Sjoe, poor Nanny is in such a difficult position. One wonders what the Principal hopes to achieve by having Nanny physically present to plead her son’s case apart from a power trip. The cynical part of me thinks it’s because you can’t receive a cash bribe over the phone.

  3. Thank goodness, I thought I was just being my normal A-type self. I think it’s disgusting and I can’t seem to get through to anyone at Dept of Ed!

  4. I’m ashamed to say that SuperNanny and I paid just such a bribe to get her son accepted back at school. His “crime”? Being too old! The cost was R300 payable in cash at the petrol station around the corner from the school! That’s why my mind immediately jumps to that conclusion now. Good luck to Nanny – she’s going to need it. The whole situation is iniquitous!

  5. Bloody hell! Have I just landed in some other universe or are we still in SA circa 2009? How does this happen?

  6. Unfortunately I have to go with Luddite’s opinion on this matter. There is so much corruption that it is difficult to believe that this is not a trumped up position.
    Hope I am wrong. xx

  7. For some reason the service delivery to AFrican schools are shocking! I think they think that African people won’t complain??!!

  8. That is really bad! What kind of a school has no landline? What if there’s an emergency? Definitely sounds fishy to me!

  9. I am no expert, but logic tells me that her son can’t be just suspended without a proper consultation with him, his mother and a school board rep or without at least a disciplinary hearing.

    Good luck to her.

  10. As far as I know, all formal schooling would have ended now – and one CAN NOT BE EXPELLED during exam or without a proper hearing – it’s against the law. If you have the energy for it, maybe a cause worth fighting – and getting the principal fired!

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