Things that drive me batty

Maybe it’s just me, but there are just some things in life that can turn me from sweet innocent smiling happy person to rabid snarling dog mad in 5 seconds flat. PMS or no PMS. I mostly keep quiet, grind my teeth and picture a serence scene, but every once in a while I just snap.

It might have something to do with the fact that I have this stupid concept of fairness, honesty and directness that often lands me I’m hot water. But I don’t really care.

Here’s my list:

  • Kids in cars that aren’t strapped in. By far my biggest pet hate.
  • People smoking in cars.
  • People smoking in cars that also happen to have children in them.
  • People smoking in cars that also happen to have children in them that aren’t strapped in. These are the people I motion to wind windows down at robots and then ask them if I shouldn’t rather just take a gun and shoot their child on the spot to get the job out the way. Much to Etienne’s dismay. Once again: I don’t care.
  • Standing in line at the grocery store and the arsehole in front of you dumps their trolley, blocking your way to get to the pay point. I mean, how hard can it be to pull your trolley with you as you proceed through the till point? You packed the stuff in there and unpacked it. Surely it’s not that hard to dispose of the trolley?
  • People that expect their groceries to be packed for them. What? You have no hands? I often let the cashier finish the transaction whilst I pack the groceries if there isn’t a packer available. It’s not that hard people.
  • People that park across 2 parking bays on a Saturday morning when the shops are packed. I really have no words.
  • People that aren’t old, with child or disabled that park in these appointed parking bays. Douchebags, the whole lot of you.
  • When people complain about something but do NOTHING about it. Go on, make that call, send that email, but for crying out loud: if it bugs you SAY something to the right people. If you say nothing things will always stay the same.

Whch makes me wonder why I always end up being the biatch putting my hand up? Or should I rather just quietly stand by and tolerate stuff that could have an impact on people close to me?

Rant over.

The End.

What bugs you in life?

14 thoughts on “Things that drive me batty”

  1. Yes to all the above!  Except maybe the packing the groceries thing…  I also try to “rise above”, but every now and again I erupt and then it’s not pretty.  I guess I’m a work in progress.

    I used to smoke, but I must admit, I’m getting tired of having to walk through clouds of smoke to enter a public building.

    Oh, and why did Tyger Valley not do their renovation section by section, instead of inconveniencing everybody for close to a year?

  2. I am with you on every single point!

    I also cannot stand when people dont indicate before they turn and/or pull over to the left/right before turning right/left, seriously people its a steering wheel, you turn it in the direction you want to go!

    Oh oh, and people who dont pull forward in the turning lane, they sit there and then when its time for them to turn they go but now there is no time for anyone else to go, so freaking selfish!

  3. I’m with you on kids not being strapped in. Does my head in.
    Also the packing thing, as I usually pay with my credit card so always hand it over and take over the packing. Anyway I’m quite particular about how I like my bags packed.

  4. The important things to note is SAY something, to the RIGHT people. It doesn’t help if you bitch about the problem but don’t tell the person who can make it right! That’s why I’m also always in the bitch line, cause if its important, and it usually is, I’ve realised I have to say something! So right on there!

  5. I have a thing with how my groceries are packed and do it myself when they will let me! Got used to doing it in the UK, there if you don’t do it yourself, it will stay on the check out counter!! 😀
    So with you on the other rants, I always said that if I knew what the problems were with my marriage and did not do all that I could to make it ok and then still stayed in the marriage when it was obviously not going to work I had no right to moan and blame my husband!!
    It kills me when some of the women I know biatch and moan about their hubbies and the marriage and do Jack s@#$t about it!
    hugs. xx

    1. I also remember having to pack my own groceries in the UK!
      That’s just my thing: if you don’t open your mouth to the right people you give away your right to complain.

  6. Amen, sister. I’m with you on every single peeve. I would just add, especially in this winter snot season, people who sneeze into their hands or wipe their runny noses with their hands and then are affronted when I don’t want to go to them when they are the next available cashier/whatever. Wash your hands! And that goes for people coming out of toilets and then going straight out without washing their hands. Eeuww! Sharing is NOT caring when it comes to germs!

  7. I am with you on every single one of them. My SIL once shouted at a couple who did not have their kids strapped in in Plet’s main road – turned out to be Joost and Amor (then still married).

    What really gets to me is people using their phones in meetings – emailing etc. No, it is not business etiquet – it is wrong. And in the movies!

    1. Hilarious!!
      The phone thing is very bad, but I’m probably a bit guilty of that to be honest 🙂

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