Hair of the child cntd and winter vites

I have been meaning to ask for a while now, what is everyone’s preferred multivites and immune boosters for the children, especially now in winter and with all the bugs arriving with the Soccer World Cup?

Here is our list.  Don’t laugh.  It’s long.

Solgar Kiddy Vites

Solgar Kiddy Vitamin C

Respitron Syrup 


We have also invested in great homeopathic cold medicines and cough mixture as well as a big bottle of Colloidal silver.  I accept that my kids will get sick this winter and during the change of seasons, but if I can keep them off anti-biotics I would be very happy!

Then, just a quick update on the hair!

When I arrived at D’s school this morning I warned the teachers about the hair and gave them permission to snip away if they find stray hairs.  They thought it was very funny and I was joking.  I wasn’t.

Here is he this avie when I collected him from school:

20 thoughts on “Hair of the child cntd and winter vites”

  1. The hair looks fine. Really.
    We do Scotts Emulsion, Gummy Vites and Echina Force. And I’m very stocked up on Illiadin drops, Bronchoped cough mixture, Demazin, Rinex, Mucospect, Asthma pump inhalers, Empaped bum bullets, Pain meds (I have 3 different varieties) and something for nausea and runny tummy(forget the name now). As you can see, I’m also a closet hypochondriac so you are definitely not alone.
    My friend advised me to give them a teaspoon of honey every evening. I think I may just start doing this.

    Edited to add: I also have those Hot Toddy Lollipops. Awesome for sore throats.x

  2. Looks like you did a sterling job there. Tash is fussy with vitamins. Tried many and they have gone to waist. I now give her the gummy bear ones with propalis and echinae (sp?)

  3. We used to do Floradix kindervital which is great but there was a shortage for quite a while and now we’re on two Gummy vites: Multivites and the one with Propolis and echinacea. I also give them Immune stim drops from Enzyme Process.

  4. his hair looks fine to me …

    great question about the vites! munchkin is not on vites yet … when do they need to start getting the supplements?

  5. Hair looks great!
    We have The Real Thing Omega 3 capsules as an addition to the daily ones. Cranberry pills for urinary tract, Balance capsule for pancreas support, Multibiontin tablet for vitamins. Sterimar nasal spray to clean out sinuses if needed.
    Always have the nebuliser (only use it to steam no medication in it) handy and of course Eucalyptus oil in the air purifier.
    Had no major illness now for 2 years! xx

  6. I don’t give my kids vitamins….sorry….find they get sick whether I give vits or not and they HATE the taste of them so usually spit them out…..BUT i do by large quantities of oranges,naartjies and pineapples,also make lots of veggie soup….so natural vitamins for my lot…also helps they are a bit older and can wash their hands properly and blow their own noses properly

  7. he looks gorg with his haircut! 🙂
    Vitamins: we use creche guard lots, and yesterday I bough pharmaton kiddy syrup. On fb ppl suggested ziniplex [?] I think

  8. Sweet, I can see a lot of you in him in this pic. We do Junglevites chewy jobs, Crecheguard syrup and IQ chewy Omega jobs.

  9. Hey there, thing with antibiotics is they’re expensive and they tend to compromise your immune system. So you end up in a vicious cycle of doctors and medicine.

  10. My rule of thumbwas a couple of months before we send them to daycare to build up their immune systems.

  11. His hair looks cool 🙂 Long on top, short on sides, perfect for gelling 🙂 I think Tristan would love his hair like this, but for school, it’s a no-go!
    I have tried every chewable multivitamin available! We currently have Barney, and Connor chews them into little pieces then opens his mouth and lets them fall on the floor. Not impressed. Tristan used to get Viral Choice syrup every day, until they took it off the market last year! Now I’m trying to get Septogard (by Tibb) into them! Connor likes it – Tristan thinks it’s gross! So, not much immune building going on in my house right now! I take the Septogard tabs every day.

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