Some weekend stories

Not that the weekend is over by any means seeing as how the schools are closed tomorrow, and then a Public Holiday on Tuesday, but hey.

Everyone in our house has the same grotty, slimy, post nasal crappy cold.  Except for hubby.  And normally I am the one that doesn’t get sick!  I started them off on the usual homeopathic mix, but upped us all to ACC200 yesterday and added another wicked homeopathic mix today. The chemist was baffled that I refused all usual stuff with the pseudo ephedrine, but I am determined.  I really don’t enjoy listening to that damn coughing though..  I love how you hear someone cough, only to run down the passage to find the guilty party and be greeted by silence.  Then, just when you get comfortable on the couch, same story.  

Daniel is coming up with some really funny stories, he keeps us in stitches.  Hubby connected the TV and DVD player in the playroom this afternoon and he was in heaven.  Trying to teach him to always put the DVD back in the holder seems to me like an excersie in absolute futility, but hubby prevails and begs and pleads.  Daniel was so into taking DVD’s out and switching it on and off he almost decorated our carpet.  I literally had to drag him to the bathroom. 

I also love watching the girls.  They really have their own little language now and almost seem to communicate just by looking at each other, they always amaze me.  I’m just really grateful that they both seem to include Daniel at this stage.

Off to bed, hope this stupid cold is gone tomorrow, my snoring is apparently annoying my husband.  What snoring??

8 thoughts on “Some weekend stories”

  1. I look at Minki and Best Friend Megan communicating with their babbles and here and there a real word and it amazes me, they seem to carry a whole conversation and understand each other. Kids are amazing.

  2. Hope the horrid cough/cold lurgy is soon a thing of the past in your house. Baby K babbles away at us and gets very frustrated if we don’t understand immediately what he is demanding. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  3. I sympathise with the snots. The ENT told me to give Connor Deselex all through winter to keep them at bay – 5 days in – no better! And that stuff costs a fortune! R200 for 150ml EISH!

    Hope that homeopathic stuff gets to work – I’ve also resorted to ACC200 now 🙁

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